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Waste, if you ever saw it.

Empty McMansions, during the blizzard.  Even though the absurdly large sprawling houses monopolizing the entire waterfront won’t be occupied for three more months (and then, only for a few weeks at the peak of the summer time) it is still important that the driveways get cleared.  At this hour, I find it surprising that these roads have been cleared while there are main roads that have not.

The people who love this area so much that they choose to live here year-round do not have large houses near the water.  They have small houses nowhere near the water, and several are technically homeless working-poor (living in “winter rental” hotel rooms at a discounted weekly rate) because the area has been so frivolously developed that there is barely any affordable housing for the working class (though the definition of “affordable” for the area, when you consider the income to expenses ratio, is questionable).
Year-round residents are not allowed on this beach because it is “private.”  During the winter, there are signs every twenty feet to remind you of this.  During the summer, there is security.  No one is allowed on this beach in the dead of winter, when the “owners” want nothing to do with it.
Its natural beauty will go wasted, unless you choose to tress-pass.

ALWAYS tress-pass.

Any time that there is beauty being kept from the world, you must take it, and share it.  Even if it makes you a criminal.  

It is better to be a criminal who liberates captive beauty than to be the person whose seasonal beach-front tennis court keeps it trapped.